Sunday, August 16, 2009


We're back from the wedding funanza, so now I can post all the nitty gritty details! Today for you, our invites!

We didn't want to cordially invite anyone, but we wanted our close families to be included, so I asked everyone what animal they would be and made a family tree out of it with me, the cockatoo, and Nick, the polar bear, almost connected.

The invite had four pieces of paper that we connected with a string. The orange and yellow papers are our RSVP cards which we made into a madlibs. I'll post some people's responses soon. It was really fun for us to read and I think we had a higher than average response rate.

We used a variety of colors for the strings that held all the papers together.

All the envelopes. I was excited about the new king and queen stamps. We ordered the recycled paper and envelopes from envelopemall.

We put in the invites in the envelops with string sticking out and put leaf stickers on the string.

Here's all the peices nicely layed out next to the street on a patch of grass!

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